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2021 Scholarship Funding is Open!

When you donate to NWONL you directly support Nurse Leadership Development. Funds are exclusively committed to the purpose of Nursing Leader Educational Scholarship in Oregon and Washington.
Update January 21st: The 2020 funds have been rolled forward and planned for Award in Q4 of 2021. 

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Why our Board Members donate to NWONL

"NWONL has provided me with an opportunity to collaborate across organizations and across our region to develop shared learnings in advancing nursing leadership positions and people for the future. I enjoy so much the different perspectives and experiences brought to the table through the gathering of these nurse leaders. I am quite literally humbled in their presence." 

Mady Murrey

 "Joining NWONL many years ago introduced me to ideas that developed my sense of nursing leadership. Connecting with colleagues, and now, friends, from all over Washington and Oregon has been the joy at the end of the phone. Good advice on speed dial! We've all been there when we are stumped and need good counsel. My NWONL group has been there for me and I can be there for them." 

Jane Hutcheson

"NWONL is the perfect organization for professional growth, development, and networking.  Whether a new manager or seasoned CNO, the job can feel lonely, and the colleagues at NWONL are there to support this amazing journey of leadership." 

Susan Stacey 

"I love NWONL because it offers an opportunity to network with other nurse leaders who support our mission and offer a diverse set of voices in the leadership of nursing here in the pacific northwest!" 

Kelly Espinoza

 "Contributing to my professional organization is a tangible way of giving back for the opportunities it affords me." 

Dana Bjarnason

"Networking with NWONL is my professional lifeline when I need to reach out!" 

Pam Steinke

"Connection and Inspiration. NWONL has provided both during my time with them and donating is vital to carry forward the strength and work of the organization." 

Cindi M. Warburton 

"NWONL provides a network of Nursing Leaders to mentor new leaders in our profession and encourage connections and partnerships that go beyond employer and specialty affiliations." 

Julie Ostrom

"The professional relationships developed for conversation and collaboration on healthcare issues has been immeasurable for me. Besides the collegial collaboration that occurs with NWONL, the educational sessions have provided up to date information on the challenges we face in healthcare today." 

Nancee Hofmeister