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Virtual Live Event! Round One - Building Resilience from the Inside Out. Featuring Moe Carrick

Phew, what a year, right? You and your employees may be feeling worn-out and disconnected. What happens next?

How do we rise, rebuild, and recover from COVID-19 and the volatile societal tensions we all experienced in 2020 when our nerves are frayed, our mental health is suffering, and we are not sure what lies ahead?

This interactive workshop will offer engaging ideas for nurse leaders at every level to build your capacity in four essential areas:

  1. Understanding the impact of 2020’s challenges on your people and what to do next.
  2. How to show up and lead for humans by navigating emotional well-being, mental health, and burnout while building resilience.
  3. Fostering accountability and building success in the next 12 months with flexible and hybrid approaches at work.
  4. Learning that Self-Care + Team Care = Healthy, Cohesive People at Work and planning actions you can take now.

Location: Zoom Virtual